Our Purpose

The Helga Todd Foundation is committed to making a difference to society in partnership with established educational bodies and other educational charities in our target countries.   The Foundation’s chief objective is to advance education and teacher education by the promotion of high quality teaching practice through the provision of financial support, expertise and assistance.   It focuses primarily on women students and teachers and secondly it seeks to support colleges, other institutions and charities.

Since its establishment in 2008, the Foundation’s trustees have embraced a number of initiatives and have explored different avenues in order to find out the best way of achieving the Foundation’s aims through practical experience.  Our initial focus has been on developing links and projects in India. The two core starter projects – both very successful – were

  • Helga Todd Award for Young Volunteer Teachers (CYVT) in partnership with the Cambridge University Faculty of Education   (2008 – 2013)
  • The Helga Todd Early Years Teacher Training Course (2011 – 2014), in partnership with the Kaldighar Trust (India) and based in Chandigarh, Punjab

Trustees want to put structures in place that allow individual volunteer education professionals to pass on their expertise, experience and knowledge to others, to advance education and in particular, teacher education.  We intend that this process will allow the Foundation to pass on best teaching practice.