Our Long Term Vision

How we intend to fulfil our core charitable purpose:

 “To advance education by the promotion of teaching in India, Nigeria, Indonesia, United Kingdom and Germany through the provision of financial support and assistance, firstly to women students and teachers and secondly to colleges, other institutions and charities.” (Declaration of Trust)

Trustees and associates meet regularly to plan and direct the Foundation’s work and the education professionals meet as an education sub-committee to both advise trustees and manage initiatives. To date we have:

  • Trained young women candidates from rural areas with the minimum qualifications of 16+ matriculation to become early years and primary class teachers.
  • provided short and part-time courses through English medium to help practising teachers improve their pedagogical skills so that they can teach and communicate more effectively with the children in their classrooms.
  • conducted skills enhancement workshops and programmes to help practising teachers to improve their pedagogical skills.  Workshops are generally school based and planned to run at weekends, in vacations and other off-peak times.
  • Sought to embed, sustain and build on ITT and CPD programmes through mentor development and training.
  • provided opportunities for individual practising teachers from the UK and India to learn from each other, contribute at an individual level and to develop understanding of each other’s’ cultures and education systems.