CPD 2 (school development strand) commenced in April 2018 and was run as a pilot in 2 GHPS schools over a period of 3 weeks.  Following evaluation, the programme was refined and is now being delivered in the remaining 10 schools, 2 at a time and with pairs of volunteers (one primary specialist and one secondary). This programme is supported by further mentor training so that a school’s capacity is further enhanced and developments in teaching and learning consolidated.


CPD2 (Early Years) – a team of two consultant trainers started this programme in November 2018 with teachers from the GHPS schools and also a group drawn from government schools to the south of Delhi. This is a five week course designed on the same lines as CPD 1 and focused specifically on early years as requested by DSGMC.


CPD2 (subject-specific focus) – in due course (probably during 2019) we shall be starting a programme of subject specific training for GHPS schools, initially in English, mathematics and science and subsequently in the social sciences. This is currently in the development phase.


Forthcoming activities

The CPD2 (early years) course has also been taken up by a third organization and former partner, the Kalgidhar Trust, and is planned for 2019. The course will be re-designed as an intensive course run over one week. Currently the management committee operates some 120 schools in Punjab and north India.  Training is planned for three centres in the Punjab; Talawandi, Patiala and Jalander – commencing some time in 2019. The programme will require at least 3 teams of two EY consultant trainers.


Early Years One Year Post Graduate Diploma Course with Akal Academies (Kalgidhar Trust).

The Akal-Helga Todd Teacher Training Institute is planned to commence in July 2019. We shall be needing 5 teams of two volunteer consultant trainers

Each for 2-3 months from July 2019 to May 2020. This is a major initiative which is likely to continue for the next 2 –3 years.

The request for this course has arisen from HTTEF’s successful partnership with Akal from 2011 – 2014 when we ran a 2 year Early Years teacher training course for young, as yet unqualified, young women.


Leadership Development

 HTTEF is currently in discussions with DSGMC/GHPS schools in Delhi about a possible leadership development initiative for their schools and senior managers. This development arises from the work on pedagogy that the Foundation has done with teachers and as yet, is at an early stage.

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