Activities to Date

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2018Awardees from Oxford and Oxford Brookes Universities (secondary & primary) spend the Summer vacation at 5 centres in India (DehraDun and Chennai)
CPD 2 – programme to supplement, extend and embed CPD 1 (2015 – 8) re: teaching and learning by working intensively school by school. Includes generic school development, early years and subject specific strands. (anticipated duration 2018-20)
20175 Oxford University awardees participate in YVT programme
CPD 1 + mentor development contd. CPD 1
2016 6 Oxford awardees
CPD 1 + mentor development contd.
2015CPD 1 – accompanied by the development of mentors drawn from CPD participants
2014Group 2 completes HT Early Years’ TT Course (May). Delhi course (CPD 1) on teaching and learning for practising teachers starts (September)
20134 awardees at 2 centres in Baru Sahib and Dehradun
20129 Cambridge awardees at schools in 5 centres at Chennai, Shantiniketan, Dehradun, Baru Sahib, Chandigarh
HT Early Years’ TT Course, group 2 starts (June)
2011HT Early Years’ TT Course, group 1 starts (June)
20093 Cambridge awardees in 2 centres, Baru Sahib and Pune
2008HTTEF established