Helga Todd Teachers’ Education Foundation

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We work as a team of volunteer education professionals, pooling our experience and expertise:


  • to support educational development and change in Indian schools 


  • to enrich people’s learning through working alongside teachers, students and managers 


We cover all phases of education in India– from the early years through to secondary and initial teacher training.

We send newly qualified UK teachers, about to embark on their teaching careers, to spend the summer holiday in Indian schools. 

Volunteering with us will cost you nothing!



It is not about leading but rather guiding

The workshops helped me realise how important mentoring is in improving the level of learning and teaching. It is not about leading but rather guiding, helping and caring for our colleagues.

Course Participant

A golden opportunity

This was a golden opportunity as not only is it going to help me be a better teacher and an effective mentor but also benefited me in my personal growth and career.

Course Participant

A really wonderful, innovative workshop

A really wonderful, innovative workshop. The workshops help us to develop our personality as a teacher. They make us more confident, determined, enthusiastic and realistic in what we can do for our students.

Course Participant

The workshop was great help

The workshop was great help in planning our lessons more effectively. We have been given a lot of ideas for making our lessons interesting and effective

Course Participant

I am grateful to be part of CPD2

I am grateful to be part of CPD2 and would incorporate all the things in my teaching to make the  teaching-learning process effective

Course Participant

CPD2 was extremely insightful

CPD2 was extremely insightful and a big learning step towards my continuous development as an educationalist

Course Participant