A five week course designed on the same lines as CPD1 and run by two trainers.  This programme started in November  2018 with teachers from the GHPS schools and also a group drawn from government schools in south Delhi. This course focused specifically on early years as requested through consultation.

Key topics were:

  • The characteristics of effective learning in the early years
  • What neuroscience and educational theorists tell us about the significance of play, movement, communication
  • The kinds of learning environment, resources and materials best suited to promote learning and development for this age group
  • How to support personal, social and emotional development, communication and language, and physical development
  • Practical activities and approaches to encourage children to engage across all areas of the curriculum including mathematics, literacy, expressive arts and knowledge and understanding of the word.

There was an emphasis throughout on using:

  • learning through play
  • observation of children
  • open ended resources and activities and a learning environment which encourage active learning in young children
  • stories and story bags
  • physical movement, out door space and multisensory activities

Teachers told us they valued the practical ideas and activities offered (many of which were low or no cost) and the opportunity to share experience with each other.